The Flock At Roost

THE TEMPLE, on Salt Spring Island, is set atop a forested mountain ridge overlooking the sea. This magnificent church-like structure with its 40-foot peaked roof is home to Flying Dreams Aerial Arts Productions and plays host to their acclaimed Contemporary Aerial Circus theatrical performances which have taken the Gulf Islands by storm. Aerial arts classes and workshops are also held here along with a variety of Special Events ranging from weddings and barmitzvahs, to concerts and community gatherings, as well as fundraising and gala events.

Set up for The Dharma According to Fifi.
Seating 125 in this configuration.

This unique building — which seems to invoke the sacred, reminding us that movement and dance are expressions of the Divine — is imbued with a character and personality all its own and is often included in reviews of events held here. Says the Gulf Island Driftwood: "Held in the aptly named Temple, the building becomes a character itself, with the 25-foot window providing a backdrop of trees, sky, and ocean, and the mélange of silks, hoops, and trapezes transporting us to an unusual world where spiritual traditions meet flying circus performers."

In rehearsal. A view of the loft.

THE TEMPLE can be rented for your Special Event and may include an aerial performance package to suit your needs.

For more information contact: Victoria
Tel: 250.537.4840

We are located at 112 Sun Eagle Drive, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 1E5.

Directions from Ganges

Click here for a printable map to The Temple. {186kb pdf}

NIght time: In Theatrical mode with Natasha Danchenko and Paz on Spanish Web.

Take Lower Ganges Road to the "Central" intersection (the cinema is on one corner, Portlock Park is on the opposite corner), turn left onto Vesuvius Bay Road. Take Vesuvius Bay Road to Sunset Drive, turn right on Sunset. (If you find yourself at the Vesuvius ferry terminal you have missed the Sunset turn-off.) You will pass Channel Ridge, Sir Echo, and Pringle Farm. Turn right onto West Eagle. Drive to the top of the ridge and turn left onto Sun Eagle. The Flying Dreams studio is located at 112 Sun Eagle Drive.

Flying Dreams view from studioAbout Salt Spring Island

Situated in the Straight of Georgia, between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island is the largest of the Gulf Islands. Its dramatic beaches, evergreen forests, rolling hills, awesome views, and Mediterranean-style climate foster a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle while offering a huge range of outdoor activities and a truly unique arts and culture scene. The island is accessible by both ferry and seaplane.

For accommodations on Salt Spring Island see the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce at

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