Victoria Mihalyi - founder and artistic director of Flying Dreams Aerial Arts Productions
Victoria Mihalyi is the founder and artistic director of Flying Dreams Aerial Arts Productions. Trained in classical ballet, jazz, martial arts, and aerial acrobatics, Victoria is a versatile performer and choreographer, distinguished by a colorful range of artistic creations, from the silly to the sublime. As a script writer, she weaves a tapestry of magical stories and unforgettable characters who charm, bewitch, and delight her audiences.

Her career as a dancer began at the age of ten when she appeared in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Hansel & Gretel. She danced in classic television shows such as Pig & Whistle and the Bobby Vinton Show, and her appearances at Canadian theatres, cabarets, festivals, industrial, corporate, and gala events, has spanned the decades. She currently writes, produces, and choreographs full-length contemporary aerial circus productions, and continues to perform both in her home venue on Salt Spring Island and abroad. Her most recent productions include: A Bedtime Story, HüM, Speakeasy, and The Dharma According to Fifi.


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The Troupe
(photo by Dale Rollings)
the troupe

Top Row left to right: Victoria, Kristin, Bryan, & Kyla;

Bottom Row left to right: Kathleen & Oria.

Flying Dreams Aerial Acrobatics
(photo by Dale Rollings)
Oria Atkinson

The joy of movement and dance have been Oria's inspiration for as long as she can remember. Jazz, gymnastics, contact, belly-dance, and the fiery language of the Tango, have all been a part of the spiralling rhythm of her life. As an aerial artist, Oria is an electrical presence creating astounding shapes and powerful characters that mesmerize her audiences. She is a risk taker. She flirts with danger. She loves the thrill of aerial extremes, and delights onlookers with her joyful explorations of the outer limits of human potential. Quite naturally, Oria also enjoys extreme sports ranging from rock and ice climbing, river kyaking, and hang gliding, to bungee and cliff jumping. Oria most recently appeared in the role of Betty Lou Valentine in Speakeasy.

Circus acts in BC, Canada
(photo by Dale Rollings)
Bryan Jamieson

Bryan swam with the Pacific Dolphins and competed at the national level ranking in the top 10 in Canada. As an elemental being, he moves easily between water, earth, air, and fire. On the ground, Bryan plays capoeira; practices tai-chi and qi-gong; enjoys gymnastics, yoga, and storytelling. He plays the viola and an array of flutes, and he summons windstorms. In his guise as Air, he creates magnificent illusions on aerial silks and static trapeze. Bryan created the enigmatic role of The Watcher in HüM, and most recently appeared as the Purple Angel in Speakeasy.

Circus shows, aerial acts in British Columbia, Canada by Flying Dreams Aerial Arts Productions
(photo by Dale Rollings)
Sondra Jordan

The Art of Movement is Sondra's passion, which she has pursued in a multitude of forms. Trained in modern dance, Sondra has also studied contact improv, martial arts, Capoeria, Feldenkraise, Pilates, and yoga … Acro Yoga, Power Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga. The healing arts and meditation are among the other disciplines that Sondra practices. An accomplished performer, Sondra has been seen in a myriad of dance productions on the west coast including a lead role in the Fringe Production of "Dragon Myth". She now lends her theatrical and dance skills to an exploration of aerial arts, passionately following her dreams upwards on aerial silks and trapeze. Sondra danced the sensual role of "Earth" in the Flying Dreams production of HüM.

Flying Dreams aerial artists specialize in spectacular entertainment for all ages
(photo by Dale Rollings)
Kristin Tuttle

Kristin lends thirteen years of gymnastics training to her current work as an aerial acrobat. With her fluid style and spectacular flexibility, she evokes the image of a mythical winged being, leading her audiences through the magical realm of aerial theater. Her performances are further enriched by her love of music, dance, and the martial arts. Kristin also enjoys her role as counselor and coach, leading creative kids' camps, coaching gymnastics, and now working as an assistant aerial coach as well. She most recently appeared as Cicero in Speakeasy.

Aerial Arts Theatre - Salt Spring Island
(photo by Dale Rollings)
Kyla Tuttle

A former competitive gymnast, Kyla has sprung her wings and now spins her magic in the air as the youngest member of the Flying Dreams troupe. A Renaissance beauty with a dramatic flair, she creates a masterpiece of stunning visual imagery, capturing the heart and soul of her audiences. A woman of many gifts, Kyla is also an actress, musician, connoisseur of abstract clothing, and a suspected singer as well. She also dabbles in the circus arts of juggling and unicycle riding. Kyla played the role of Candy Floss in Speakeasy.

British Columbia Aerial Circus Production
(photo by Dale Rollings)
Kathleen Donovan
Stage Manager, Production Assistant, Performer

Outrageously organized and relentlessly responsible, Ms. Donovan has a talent for tending to talented individuals;  she delights in dancing with the devil in details and taming technicalities; and has a most aggravating addiction to alliteration. She dives deep into the chaos that is Creation to establish a center calm enough to convince butterflies to fearlessly fly in formation.

For a dozen years prior to the arrival of her son Devon, Kathleen made masks for thespians, collectors and revellers from around the world. Acting and Stage Management credits come from Vancouver and Salt Spring Island venues. Ms. Donovan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in Technical Theatre from the University of B.C. She most recently appeared in the role of Emmerencia Hunyak in Speakeasy.

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